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Developing and implementing new strategies and changes is a very sensitive but necessary challenge we all face regularly in our private and work environment. While in our privacy we do have more freedom in business we often can only influence small parts of the bigger picture. 

Driven by specific markets, bigger company interests, acquisitions or financial situations new strategies are often hard to develop and to execute.

Although communication is known as the key success factor integrating or executing new strategies it is often the weakest part in the whole process. 

But not only strategic topics can slow down business. Corporate Identity and Image, Messaging and Branding can be a bigger influencer than expected. Also leakage of training and education is often underestimated.

Being an expert in commercial strategies and execution as well as commercial integration after acquisitions supporting you in developing, communicating, "selling" and executing those through all levels of your teams is one of my core services.


With more than 17 years of experience in senior commercial, educational or strategic roles I want to partner with you to "make the difference". 

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